ParentLink Notifications - This flyer will help you learn how to access the ParentLink Portal to manage your automated parent notifications. Learn how to add a phone number or email address, opt into text messages or disable notifications sent out through ParentLink. ( English / Spanish )

MealPayPlus - Parents interested in making online payments, tracking lunch balances or receiving email notifications when their children's balances are low can use this informational flyer to help them get started. ( English / Spanish )

Multimedia Resources

Helping Children Learn Newsletter - This monthly newsletter provides tips and advice for parents wanting to learn how to better help their children succeed in school. It is available in both English and Spanish.
Helping Children Learn--December 2011 ( English / Spanish )
                                  January 2012 ( English / Spanish
                                  February 2012 ( English / Spanish )
                                  March 2012 ( English / Spanish
                                  April 2012 ( English / Spanish )
                                  May 2012 ( English / Spanish )
                                  September 2012 ( English / Spanish )
                                  October 2012 ( English / Spanish )
                                  November 2012 ( English / Spanish )

Parent Resource Center - Did you know there is a school Parent Center? The parent center contains various brochures, videos, and books on a wide variety of parenting topics. The counselor also has many resources available for check-out in her office as well. If you are interested in a particular topic, stop by the parent center and/or check with the counselor to see if we have any materials that might help to address your specific need.